What We Do

What We Do

Ethics, Lobbying & Campaign Finance Consulting

In an environment in which the nexus between the private sector and government is closely scrutinized by media, enforcement authorities, and the general public, ML Strategies provides clients with a comprehensive review of government affairs and political activity to ensure compliance with state ethics, campaign finance, and lobbying rules.

Avoiding Unforeseen Consequences

Our consultants review existing client practices, develop protocols to create systematic risk-management and compliance measures, and work closely with client compliance officers to help implement long-term solutions. Chief among these services is ensuring compliance with Massachusetts lobbying laws, particularly in the areas of identifying individuals who—unbeknownst to them—engage in legislative or executive lobbying activity that triggers registration as "lobbyists" with the Secretary of State's Public Records Division.

Additionally, our consultants provide guidance on proper disclosure of activity, compensation, and other requirements in connection with such lobbying activity.

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