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COVID-19 Government Relations

At ML Strategies, we are hearing from a number of businesses facing critical challenges resulting from the global pandemic, COVID-19. We specialize in helping to identify state and federal sources of direct assistance for businesses of all sizes and navigating through the complexities of dealing with government agencies. We are ready to advocate for you and your business with the people that matter in state and federal government and secure the funding you are entitled to.  We are not just thought leaders but practitioners who get results.

Federal Government Relations

In Washington, Congress has passed three phases of COVID-19 relief and the third stimulus bill offers over $2 trillion in support.

Our lobbyists in Washington have been staying on top of developments in order to help our clients understand and prepare for them.

Some of the provisions in the upcoming stimulus that have generated significant interest are:

  • Forgivable small business loans
  • Loans and loan guarantees for mid-sized and large corporations
  • Federal support for unemployment insurance
  • Corporate tax benefits
  • Funding for research and development for COVID-19 treatments and vaccines

The massive scale of the stimulus legislation to date has affected all of the federal bureaucracy. Our team in Washington is helping our clients map out and navigate the agencies involved.

Furthermore, legislation to be considered in the coming weeks will provide more opportunities for specific industries impacted by the pandemic to get targeted relief. Our team is actively involved in discussions about future bills on behalf of many firm clients.

State Government Relations

On the state side, Massachusetts has rolled out a number of initiatives to provide business relief, and these options will continue to grow as federal funds are allocated down to the states.  Thus far, Massachusetts has:

  • Postponed sales, meals, and room occupancy taxes for March, April and May until June 20th for small businesses that paid less than $150,000 in either sales and meals taxes or room occupancy taxes in 2019; and
  • Received approval from the Federal Government for a Major Disaster Declaration, which makes funding available for municipalities, state agencies, and certain nonprofits. 

For more information on these programs, or any other government guidance or program related to the response to COVID-19, ML Strategies is uniquely qualified to get you the assistance you need. Please contact us at We stand ready to help.

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