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The Art and Science of Public Speaking

Public Relations Society of America - Boston


Date: September 29, 2021

Time: 6:00PM - 7:00PM (EST)

Location: Virtual Event

Nancy Sterling will moderate PRSA Boston's panel, "The Art and Science of Public Speaking."

Savvy PR people know public speaking is a key part of thought leadership campaigns. Giving a TED talk is on many executive leaders' bucket lists. Conferences are a multi-billion-dollar industry showcasing subject matter experts where they gain credibility through their appearances and get their companies and products in front of key audiences.

How much do you really know about public speaking, the speaking business, and the new world of speaking engagements and opportunities?

In addition to pulling back the curtain on the industry, you will also get a presentation from international award-winning director, author, and producer Tricia Brouk. Tricia is a world-class speaker trainer who will share with you how to become a truly influential voice and effective communicator, a skillset you can share with the executives you work with.


  • An insider’s look at events and speaking opportunities.
  • An increased focus on diversity, inclusion, and gender-equity and what it means for you.
  • The pandemic and its impact on events and speaking opportunities.
  • How purpose, mission, and values serve your impact from the big stage.
  • How to leverage credibility, vulnerability, and relatability from the big stage.
  • Six ways to communicate effectively.

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Nancy is Senior Vice President, Strategic Communications at ML Strategies. She has a wide-ranging practice that includes reputation management, strategic public relations consulting, community relations, and litigation support.