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Understanding Your Goals & Driving Results

The byzantine world that surrounds our vast transportation network often presents challenges that are expensive at best, and potentially deal breaking at their worst. ML Strategies utilizes the experience and relationships our professionals have gained while serving on Capitol Hill, on Beacon Hill, and in numerous positions within the Executive Branch of state government —including senior-level positions in the transportation field — to navigate this world.


Service Areas

Our Approach

We begin by taking the time to fully understand the problem or challenge faced by each client. Then we insure that there is a mutual understanding of the goals that need to be met and the challenges to be faced. At that point, our bipartisan team of experienced professionals, who are well-respected in the field, craft a strategy tailored to the client’s unique situation.

We have the depth and breadth of experience to get answers in a timely fashion. Over the years, our professionals have assisted a range of clients with a multitude of needs — from obtaining the permits and approvals for their own development, to protecting real estate assets from neighboring transportation projects or participating in public procurements for various goods and services. Our candid, thoughtful approach has succeeded time and again in delivering cost-effective results in this challenging domain. 

Deep Massachusetts Experience
  • CEO of Massport
  • Executive Director of the Boston Redevelopment Authority
  • Senate Chairman of the State Legislative Joint Committee on Transportation
  • Chairman of the Massachusetts Transportation Finance Commission
  • Commission on the Future of Transportation in the Commonwealth
  • Chairman of the New England Council Transportation Committee
  • MBTA Assistant Director of Planning
  • MBTA Deputy Director of Real Estate
  • MBTA Director of Communications
Relationships on Capitol Hill
  • Democratic and Republican Congressional leadership
  • House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee
  • House Ways & Means Committee
  • Senate Finance Committee
  • Senate Environment & Public Works Committee
  • Senate Banking, Housing, & Urban Development Committee
  • Senate Commerce, Science, & Transportation Committee
  • Senate Transportation & Infrastructure Committee

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